More than standard: filling in special cartridges


With modern machinery we also support you in the area of contract filling, dosing and packaging solutions. We can professionally fill a wide range of innovative packaging, cartridges and syringes that always guarantee the best possible handling of the products. From the large number of user-friendly cartridges from different manufacturers, we would like to present exemplarily two systems for two-component adhesives:

Ritter ACF- Cartridge:
• Cartridge in PBT and PP for two-component adhesives
• Air-free filling guaranteed: Self-venting SUPERIOR pistons and valve pistons patented by Ritter
• Including pre-assembled closure cap for easy opening and safe reclosure
• No cross-contamination during storage due to patented coding of the closure cap
• Very high tightness and good moisture barrier
• Secure application for the user
• Available for 10:1mixing ratios and 490 ml volume

Sulzer Q-System Peeler Cartridge:
• Cartridge for reactive two-component adhesives with a two-chamber system, which can be used with commercially available one-component dispensing guns.
• Suitable for the do-it-yourself sector
• Precise control of the mixing ratio
• Simple application: Low pressing force required
• Cartridge reliability: Chemically resistant PP packaging
• Complete emptying of the cartridge without cross-contamination
• Economical and ecological
• Available for 2:1 mixing ratios and 265 ml volume

The GLUETEC graphics department offers you a variety of high-quality labels for the respective packaging sizes, matching your corporate design and trade mark. We would be pleased to prepare an individual offer for you.

GLUETEC special cartridges